Benefits of Dashboards


Reaping the Benefits of Next Generation Dashboards is a free white paper from SAP that talks about the benefits of making analytics more visual through using business intelligence dashboards.

I have seen dashboards take a life of their own for developers.  To those that want to start with the basic metrics to those that want to see every metric within an organization.  Dashboards are only a part of the business intelligence storytelling, and for the most part they are the cover of the story.  I always suggest to my developers to make the dashboard the 30,000 foot view, not the detail level view.  If a user wants that, have them be linked to a report that gives that detail.


Improving Business Operation Performance With Innovations

I read this free white paper, and I was wondering how many companies truly gain business operation performance through business intelligence and if so what was the effort behind the gain.  To me the biggest performance gain isn’t through BI focusing on your business operations, but your business focusing on your business operations, business intelligence only shows the metrics of the gains or losses in some cases.